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2013 – Forthcoming

Indesign : New York, League of Shadows Graduation Pavilion

Biennial Santiago Chile : Ciudades para Ciudadanos, Curated by Sebastian Grey


Slovenian Pavilion : Venice Biennale 2012 Edition, Curated by Tom Kovak

LA Times : League of Shadows, Los Angeles, California, by Larry Gordon

El Mercurio : Review of Ponce 2020, Santiago, Chile

Architect Newspaper : California Edition, Jujuy Redux, by Sam Lubell

Architect Magazine : Washington, Annual Design Review, Jujuy Redux

Architect Magazine : Washington, Jujuy Redux, by Ian Volner

Plot : Buenos Aires, Jujuy Redux, Prism & Chengdu Fluid Core-Yard

Material Beyond Materials: Composite Tectonics : SCI-Arc Press, Los Angeles

Architecture Competition Works : China

International Style Villa : Hust Press, Beijing, China

Forms and Meanings: The World’s latest Cultural Places : China

Architecture for Transportation : Beijing, China

Pulsation in Architecture : Ed by Eric Goldemberg

100+ Residences : Beijing, China, FyF Residence


Close To Architecture : Send Points Editorial

Embedded : Monograph of PATTERNS Work, ADCU China

Matter : Ed. By Gail Borden and Michael Miredith

Challenge of the Time : Iakov Chernikov International Foundation

Architectural Shapes : Ed. By Joseph Minguet, FyF Residence

El Nuevo Dia : Transformacion Urbana en el Sur, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Caribbean Business : Review of Ponce 2020, San Juan, Puerto Rico

La Perla del Sur : Review of Ponce 2020, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Igloo : Bucarest, FyF Residence

CA Home + Design : California, 10 Architects you need to know

Arquine : Mexico City, Architecture in Latin America, Jujuy Redux & FyF Residence

SCI-Arc Alumni Magazine : Los Angeles, by John Enright

Artillery : Los Angeles, “Unremarkable Beauty”, by Marina Dolejsova

B1 : Bangkok, Complex Spatial Green House, FyF Residence

BIO : Rosario, Jujuy Redux

Close To Architecture : Send Points Editorial

Matter : Ed. By Gail Borden and Michael Miredith

Challenge of the Time : Iakov Chernikov International Foundation

Architectural Shapes : Ed. By Joseph Minguet, FyF Residence

Rethink LA : Curated by Jonathan Louie

Venice Biennale 2010 Edition : Curated by Kashujo Seijima


SCI_Arc Installations : Ed. By Eric Owen Moss

21st Century World Architecture : Liaoning Science and Technology Publishers, China

Local Housing : Damdi Publishers, Korea

Architecture in Latin America : PHAIDON

Landscape Architecture : Cubo Octaedro


1000 x World Architects : Fusion Publishers

1000 x Landscape Architecture : Fusion Publishers

Public Space : Korea

Digital Fabrication : Ed by Lisa Iwamoto, Princeton Arch Press


Hatch : The New Architecture Generation : Ed. By Kieran Long

Digital Architecture Now : Ed. By Neil Spiller


Digital Diagram : Korea

American Architects : Young Architects Series


Landscape Technologies : Ed. By Liat Margolis


21st Century House : by Jonathan Bell

Contemporary Public Space: Unvolumetric Architecture : Ed. By Carlo Aymonino


SESSIONS : Introd. By Eric Moss and Discussion with Jeffrey Kipnis

Arquitectura con Identidad : Colegio de Arquitectos Rosario, Argentina


Next generation Architects / Folds, Blobs and Boxes : edited by Joseph Rosa

INDEX Architecture: A Columbia Arch. Book : Ed. by Bernard Tschumi

Architecture in XX Century Argentina, The Construction of Modernity : by J. Liernur




Venice Biennale 2010 Edition : Curated by Kashujo Seijima

Rethink LA : Curated by Jonathan Louie

Austrian Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2010 Edition : Curated by Eric Moss


Matters of Sensation : Edited by Marcelo Spina and Georgina Huljich

Beijing Biennale : Edited by Neil Leach

Exonome : Ed. By Nora and Raul


Beijing Biennale : Edited by Neil Leach


Shenzhen – Hong Kong Biennale : Ed. by Qingyun Ma

Figuration in Contemporary Design : Ed. By Joseph Rosa

Alternate Anatomies : University of Austin, Texas / Introduction by Alicia Imperiale

Entropy : The art in Architects : Ed. By Javier Sanchez


Beijing Biennale : China, Ed. By Neil Leach

Beyond Media, Intimacy : Florence Italy, Ed. by Marco Brizzi


Metamorph / Venice Biennale : Arsenale Ed. By Kurt Foster

Glamour, Fabricating Affluence : San Francisco MOMA, Ed. by Joseph Rosa

Beyond Media, Intimacy : Florence Italy, Ed. by Marco Brizzi

Korean Spanish Sculpture Symposium : Icheon, Korea, Ed. by Lim Seu Young


Land.Tiles : Installation by PATTERNS at M&A / Introduction by Michael Speaks